DUNLOP Sportmax Roadsport - Motorcycle Tyres 120/70-17 & 190/55-17 Pair

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Tags: Pairs by tyre size (190/55-17 & 120/70-17), Tyre Style (Sportmax Roadsport)





DUNLOP Sportmax Roadsport 120/70-17 & 190/55-17 


Front 120/70-17 + Rear 190/55-17 

A new mid-range tyre from Dunlop. An all-round tyre for the budget consious sportsbike rider. Long life and high-performance grip with abrasion resistance and improved road surface tracking. The front tyre exhibits improved controlability and a real sense of security on all road surfaces.

The front and back tyres work together with a sense of rigidity on any bank angle and deepen in pattern stiffness through cornering. The tyres display nimble handling and smooth turning characteristics.characteristics cccharacteristics and smooth turning characta The tyres display nimble handling 

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characteristics cccharacteristics and smooth turning characta The tyres display nimble handling