DUNLOP Sportmax Alpha 14Z Motorcycle Tyres 120/70-17 & 190/55-17 Pair

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Tags: Pairs by tyre size (190/55-17 & 120/70-17), Tyre Style (Alpha 14Z)





DUNLOP Sportmax GPR Alpha 14Z 120/70-17 & 190/55-17 

Front 120/70-17 + Rear 190/55-17 

Alpha replaces the incredibly successful GPR70SP, a tyre that won multiple Australian lightweight production titles as well as being a favorite with riders of smaller capacity sports road bikes. GPRA-13 lifts the bar even further with the incorporation of performance enhancements that give the purchaser a state of the art, street legal, hyper performance road or track tyre. 

  • Incorporates recent developments borne from racetrack experience; even higher levels of performance for riders of small to medium capacity sports bikes
  • Designed with hyperperformance criteria; ideal for racing or track day events besides being fully road legal 


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